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What Do tiie Militant Mass Struggles in Ecuador Show?

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What Do tiie Militant Mass Struggles in Ecuador Show?

What Do tiie Militant Mass Struggles in Ecuador Show?
In the introduction is said:
“For several weeks, the workers, peasants and students of Ecuador carried out on a huge scale very courageous and partly militant actions of protest, strike and resistance against the regime in Ecuador.
On January 21, they even succeeded in occupying the parliament building and the government palace in the capital Quito for several hours, despite state of emergency and military blockade. Meanwhile, the fighters have retreated in order to discuss, to evaluate experiences and to gain new strength.
The events of the past few weeks display that in Ecuador the struggle of the Indige nous and Afro-Ecuadorian population against national oppression and discrimina tion combine with the anti-imperialist struggle against the oppression and exploi tation by the imperialist countries (in Ecua dor, especially against US imperialism), and with the social class struggle of the workers and peasants against the local reaction dependent on imperialism. The mass strug gles in Ecuador show once again that the imperialists only appear to have everything under control, that behind this façade, there is seething unrest time and again because the imperialist system is unable to solve its contradictions on its own. They show that, because of the accelerating exploitation and oppression, the wretched of the earth will time and again rise in powerful struggles until the destruction of the criminal imperia list world system. ”
• The struggles of the workers and peasants in Ecuador – an encouragement for the revolutionary workers and peasants of the whole world!
Then, in a box stretching over two pages, some highlights of the militant mass struggles are presented in chronological order. The leaflet then further comments on the imperialist overlords of the ruling classes of Ecuador “… The ‘top brass’ – in Ecuador, these are not only the big landlords and the comprador bourgeoisie, but most of all, also their imperia list overlords. Dominating at present as impe rialist exploiter and oppressor is certainly US imperialism … But certainly also German im perialism will use the opportunity to try to sell itself as the supposedly ‘better’ alternative to US imperialism, in order to strengthen its own influence there in its rivalry with US imperia lism and the other imperialist powers. ”
• Lessons from the struggles in Ecuador “The struggles of the workers and peasants in Ecuador have clearly shown that the questi on of state power and its instruments ofpower, especially of the army, is the central question of every victorious revolution …In order to really put the question of power, the whole reactionary state apparatus (the reactionary army, police, administrative apparatus, the courts and the parliaments) must be smashed and replaced by new, revolutionary organs of the dictatorship of the workers in the cities and the countryside, in alliance with the exploited and working masses, a dictatorship which is first of all to serve the suppression of(…)

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