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US and English Planes Bomb Iraq!


US and English Planes Bomb Iraq!

US and English Planes Bomb Iraq!
March 20, 2003
Statement Against US Aggression and the Tactics of German Imperialism in the Middle East Fight the US Imperialist Aggression against Iraq!
After months long buildup of more than 250,000 soldiers, on March 20, 2003 the USA, th biggest and strongest imperialist big power, together with English imperialism, began to bomb Iraq, thereby setting in motion its gigantic murderous military machine for its occupation. The war against Iraq started by US and British imperialism is a reactionary, criminal war for the security and expansion of their political, economic and strategic interests. The other major imperialist powers are also there in pursuit of their very own interests of profit and power.
This war, which brings still more horrific suffering to the working and exploited masses of Iraqi peoples, must be condemned and fought without any ifs and buts as an imperialist aggression. The focus of the protest directed against the barbaric murders by means of imperialist bombing has absolutely nothing to do with sympathy for the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein. This thoroughly reactionary regime has been created by the system of imperialism.
This war, in fact, marks a decisive point, a new stage in the intensification of the international situation, bringing dramatic results and effects for the entire world. That the various imperialist powers, above alt the major powers, have found themselves in such disagreement about this war is an expression of their immensely intensified struggle for supremacy in this region and throughout the world.
At work is the embittered struggle for the new division of spheres of influence. Possibly the largest direct control of raw materials by means of military intervention and occupation bear witness to this fact. The direct control of oil, for example, is of great significance among the imperialist rivals for the imperialist economy.
Adding to the drama of this rivalry is the fact that the imperialist powers continue to trample underfoot their own laws, like international law, the prohibition of starting wars of aggression (they themselves signed it) and so on. In so doing they explain that these laws are null and void in order thereby to pursue their own rapacious goals against their rivals with raw violence. That is, if the struggles for loot, the ruling principle of the imperialist system – profit maximization, demands it. With ever increasing clarity, capitalist-imperialist society proves itself to be inextricably bound to wars of plunder, to military conflicts between imperialist robbers and acts of aggression against the peoples that extend as far as the worldwide slaughter of world wars.
Expose and Fight against the Tactics of our Primary Enemy: German Imperialism!
The hypocritical “No to this war” mouthed by German imperialists has nothing to do with a desire for peace. The German imperialists are in fact participating in this brutal war (ports, airports and railways as well as military bases and overflight rights for American troops in Germany, supply of AWACS planes of the Bundeswehr, ABC-Spiirpanzer in Kuwait).
What is obvious in Nazi-organs like the “Nationalzeitung” is true in principle for all the peace hypocrites of German imperialism: They are against this American war because and in so far as it is not in the interests of their own imperialist, great power aspirations of German imperialism, militarism and revanchism.
In recent decades German finance capital has operated under the motto, “Do business in Iraq at any price”, thereby increasing substantially its own influence in competition mainly with the USA. With its denunciation of the US military’s “going its own way” in Iraq, they have attempted to and attempt to hinder the establishment of a pro-US imperialist regime there, At the same time they recognize that at this moment they have no comparable military power with(…)

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