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The Role of the Proletariat as the Leading Class of the Socialist Revolution


The Role of the Proletariat as the Leading Class of the Socialist Revolution

The Role of the Proletariat as the Leading Class of the Socialist Revolution
Journal for Scientific Communism Theoretical Organ of Gegen die Strömung (Against the Current), Organisation for the Building of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Germany Special edition: extract from “Rot Front” (Red Front) no. 2 of July 1996 The theses extracted from “Rot Front” no. 2 (320 pages, 20 DM, in German) of Juiy 1996 which are published here are explained in much more detail by the way of lecture essays in the journal itself. They are connected with the resolution on communism and dictatorship of the proletariat, the resolution on proletarian internationalism and proletarian world revolution, as well as the resolution on the history of the german imperialism, its origin and its development until 1994, which are published in”Rot Front” no. 1 (150 pages, 10 DM, in German) in January 1995
, Resolution 4 The Principal Way of the Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Germany Ist Part:
1. The idea of winning socialism and communism on a scientific basis, the idea of the armed uprising and the execution of the socialist revolution is inseparably bound to the understanding of the world-historic role of the working class, that special class that cannot liberate itself from exploitation and oppression without finally creating, by the consistent continuation and intensification of class struggle and the strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the highest form of proletarian hegemony, a classless society without exploitation and oppression, that is, communist society.
2. The working class İs the only consistently revolutionary force in capitalist society, having also the capacity to rally further masses of exploited and oppressed working people around it to overthrow the ruling class in the civil war and to build socialism. This is an objective rule. To deny or diminish the role of the proletariat as the bearer of the socialist revolution means to declare the socialist revolution itself impossible or to fight against it.
3. The ideological struggle for the defence of the historical role of the proletariat and its slrug-(…)

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