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Resolution 3 Death to German Imperialism, Revanchism and Militarism IInd Part:

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Resolution 3 Death to German Imperialism, Revanchism and Militarism IInd Part:

Resolution 3 Death to German Imperialism, Revanchism and Militarism IInd Part:
Journal for Scientific Communism Theoretical Organ of Gegen die Strömung (Against the Current), Organisation for the Building of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Germany Special edition: extract from “Rot Front” (Red Front) no. 2 of July 1996 The theses extracted from “Rot Front” no. 2 (320 pages, 20 DM, in German) of July 1996 which are published here are explained In much more detail by the way of lecture essays in the Journal itself. They are connected with the resolution on communism and dictatorship of the proletariat, the resolution on proletarian Internationalism and proletarian world revolution, as well as the resolution on the history of the german imperialism, its origin and its development until 1994, which are published in “Rot Front” no. 1 (150 p ages, 10 DM, in German) in January 1996
Touchstones in the Struggle Against German Imperialism, Revanchism and Militarism, Against German Chauvinism and Racism, creeping Fascism and Enhanced Exploitation i.
In the struggle against German imperialism today, we have to propagate and defend primarily the fundamental Communist program of the socialist revolution in a principled manner and in a struggle on two fronts; at the same time, the basic aspect of the struggle has to be combined inseparably with the peculiarities of the struggle against the special forms and features of German imperialism as they have developed from its history and by virtue of the current situation.
and which we have to scrutinise very carefully. To unmask the peculiarities oí German imperialism and its forms of appearance, to break its authority within the working class and the mass of the working people, to unmask as concretely and precisely as possible its criminal nature and its imperialist, miltarist and revanchist politics, its politics of creeping fascism – all this is an indispensable part of the task of preparing, in the economic and democratic partial everyday struggles, the socialist revolution.(…)

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