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Nazis are doing the dirty work for CDU/SPD/FDP/GREENS who have long proclaimed a policy of "deterrence":


Nazis are doing the dirty work for CDU/SPD/FDP/GREENS who have long proclaimed a policy of “deterrence”:
Organ for the building of the Marxist-Leninist Party of West Germany October 1991 in English June 1995
After state organs, media and ali politicai parties in Bonn propagated a policy of “containment by deterrence” against asylum seekers, neo-Nazi forces in West Germany and the former GDR madearson attacks on over 100 asylum seekers’ housing facilities in the last few weeks: Dozens of seriously injured people, the murder of asylum applicants Samuel Yeboah from Ghana and two heavily burned children from Lebanon – Mukadesh and Zainap Saado – after an arson attack in Huenxe are the result… and the arson attacks continue day after day.
In West Germany and the former GDR, a deeply reactionary policy towards refugees applying for asylum has been executed for months, even years on end. By means of the traditional policy of “divide and rule” West/German imperialism attempts – not without success – to incite parts of the German population against asylum seekers.
All Bonn politicians are agreed that the most important thing İs to pursue a “policy of deterrence” ¡uidiocreatareailyunbearableconditionsforasylum applicants – more than 70 large assembly camps have been arranged by CDU and SPD. Sü’ffened deportation practices, material supplies only İn the form of – in most cases nearly uneatable – food and a minimum amount for clodiing – the news about these matters have flooded die population now for weeks and months.
Tile neo-Nazis, however, acted. In a hitherto upreccdented manner, every day dozens of refugee housing facilities were attacked systematically.
‘Hie course of events repeated itself according to a certain well-knowen patient:
© Increasing agitation in mass-media against asylum seekers and people who don’t have aGerman passport or who are considered to be “un-Gcrman”.
o Underthecoverofthenight,attacks- during the last weeks mainly arson attacks – are carried out by neo-Nazi gangs.
O Police present themselves uninformed and are allegedly “powerless.” In places where parts of the population show an “understan ding” for the Nazi attacks, the neo-Nazis proceed to manifestations and excesses in the evening hours or in the light of the day.
O Demonstrations and actions of anti-Nazi forces that are really directed against the Nazis, that are not only designed to “calm down” and to “relax the situation” are dispersed and smashed by police and the Federal Border Police with the utmost bru tality.
That İs what happened in Hoyerswerda and elsewhere.
it is not only by the extent of these Nazi actions that a new scale of terror has been reached: against asylum seekers, but also more and more against workers, against entire families from other countries, especially Turkey, who are living here.
For the first time, with the approval of the most reactionary portions of the population, public housing facilities of asylum seekers and workers from other countries were openly attacked by Nazi murder gangs for five days long. With obvious consent of the local police, a mood was created and crimes committed in Hoyerswerda that can only truly be described by the word pogrom.
Police on the Side of the Nazis!
The fact that police were on the side of the Nazis, that their stupid “apology” of being too weak or being incapable of doing anything against the Nazis – the fact that all this isn’t true was proved several days later when a demonstration directed against the Nazis was beaten up, stopped and shoved back in the most brutal manner.
The detailed “reporting” on Hoyerswerda in the former GDR in the media here was, however, not an expression of outrage and rejection of the fascist assaults but served primarily – apart from the usual(…)

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