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Modern Revisionism is and remains the main threat!


Modern Revisionism is and remains the main threat!

Modern Revisionism is and remains the main threat!
“In today’s situation, there is almost nothing which there isn’t: Anarchist groups such as sections of the FAU propagate the ideas of Stalin (all of a sudden there is also such a thing as “autonomous” Communists), while rejecting the dictatorship of the proletariat and the Communist party and forming coalitions with Trotskyite groups. Groups such as the MLPD aggravate with the ear-piercing volume of their proclamations, indirectly proportional to the Communist content They also use terms such as “Volk” (as in the ‘people’ who as poor worker masses had fought in China prior to 1949) in a vulgar, nationalist manner, in order to cosy up to the worst habits of the “German people” in the most embarrassing of ways, including here the carnevalistic “Helau MLPD”. Groups such as the DKP and the “Communist Platform fraction of the PDS” as well as the KPD-Ost “Rote Fahne” suddenly have “revisionism” on their lips, but of course do not mean themselves, as if they had never had anything to do with Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Ulbricht and Honecker.
And so, just as they have all more or less taken the “peacefulpath” vis-à-vis this German state and the class enemies, these groups have suddenly become so “peaceable” to one another, holding meetings at “round tables”, forming “election pacts” and swearing “unity”.
And given that things are so wonderfully peaceful over there, along come groups which actually consider themselves “anti-Revisionist”, such as the “Arbeiterbund” or KPD-”Roter Morgen”and who knows who else besides, forgetting everything that was ever said about Communism while trying tactically to “forge together” a “Communist unity” with neither a Communist programme nor a Communist strategy”.
The theses are printed in full in the following section.
Theses against Modern Revisionism /. A prehistory and the first appearances of modern Revisionism m The history of the Communist movement since Marx and Engels is also a history of the struggle against opportunist currents.
At the time of Marx and Engels, the struggle against anarchism and right-wing opportunism by Bakunin and Proudhon to Lassalle and Bernstein. And during the Lenin and Stalin eras up to the beginning of World War II, the struggle against self-proclaimed Marxist renegades, from Kautsky to Trotsky to Bukharin.
In contrast to these movements, we define modern revisionism as a revision of the basic principles of Scientific Communism, especially post 1945.
■ Not every force or person who calls themselves a Communist is a Communist. Even forces which quote Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin may just be doing this as a ploy exactly as a means to drive through a revision of the major tenets of Scientific Communism.
Today, modern Revisionists have a long prehistory, from Bernstein and Kautsky’s summoning of Marx during the establishment of the keystones of their ideas at the time of the 2nd International, up to the variants of modern revisionism after the victory of AntiHitler coalition forces over Nazi-Fascism. In the latter, when, in 1947/48, Titoism, which was a variant of Kautskyism and Trotskyism, appeared as a kind of nationalism and quoting Marx and Lenin began on(…)

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