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Everybody knows the slogan “Making Peace Without Weapons”. The absurdity of this demand is actually shown in South-Africa.
With the establishment of the martial law on July 21st 1985, the South-African racistregime only legalized the State terror and’ carried it through on a larger scale. However all this has already been practised daily for one year now in order to oppress the spontaneous resistance movement of the Blacks,which has been expanding very rapidly. The Blacks are no longer willing to be treated like somebody of second class.
The increasing resistance of the Black masses cannot be stopped any longer :

* illegal mass strikes of the workers in the mining- and automobile industry against hunger wages, racism in the fac tories, against corporal punishment and mass dismissals,as well as deportations in the so-called “Homelands”
* strongest resistance against forcible re settlements by the police, which ended in street-battles longing several days
* militant election boycott
* powerful pupils’ demonstrations against racist educational policy These are only a few examples of the recent past. According to official statements, a~ bout 5oo people were killed from September 1984 till July 1985. Political resistanceleaders estimate that at least 1 ooo people were murdered by the police and the army already until October 1984 ! Uncountable is the number of injured persons, of the more than lo ooo arrested persons, the tortured people and all those who have been deported to the Homelands.
The hated regime couldn’t succeed, however, in limiting the movement of the proletariat and the other masses in South-Africa which takes more and more strongly a political character and can no longer be put off with any treacherous reforms.
The activities of the spontaneous mass movement are more and more directed also against important supporters of the racist regime , like the black municipal concillars, who represent the hated regime in the black suburban colonies, the so-called “Townships”.
But the racist regime also knows that in the long run it cannot keep down the majority and prevent the open uprising only by means of armed knows that it is also necessary to promise reforms and to create privileges for parts of the Black masses in order’ to split them. The Secretary of State, Botha, head of the regime, who is trying to apply the double tactic of carrots and sticks,declared at the 5th day of the state of emergency that he was ready for negotiations with all black population leaders – while he was intensifying the terror in the meantime – under the precondition that they should publicly refuse violence being used as a means in political conflicts í Influential Blacks like bishop Tutu already offer themselves eagerly as negotiators to prevent a broad mass-uprising and to rescue the racist regime from being overthrown. Briefly after the declaration of the state of emergency he advised the government to set up a time-table for the abolition of the “apartheid” and he warned:
“The young people believe that the only way to change the system is the ARMED STRUGGLE. And if they have to die for that they will do. It is astonishing that the youth still accept the views of those who work for a peaceful end of the apartheid.
However… the moment is not too far away,(…)

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