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Learn about the hard Fighting workers of South Korea and support their struggle in word and deed!


Learn about the hard Fighting workers of South Korea and support their struggle in word and deed!

Learn about the hard Fighting workers of South Korea and support their struggle in word and deed!
The bourgeois media announce thai the imperialist power holders have control over everything and that in the end ali resistance against their rule is futile. In aider to make this false notion appear plausible they attempt to silence all real struggles against imperialism on an international level, relegating important struggles and movements such as those in South Korea and Nepal and others, to marginal notes, distorting the very character of these movements and so on. Ami-racist protest actions, anti-Nazi struggles and even protest actions in German plants have for the most part been silenced.
For years the really fighting and partly militant movement of Korean workers has struggled and among their actions, four exemplary instances are briefly described. Despite great répression by the reactionary state apparatus, such as brutal beatings at the hands of ihe poiice as vvdJ as arrests and prosecutions, ihe workers, partly together with the help and support of students and farmers, have carried out strikes and factory occupations.
Support the armed liberation struggle in Nepal against feudal reaction and imperialist subjugation!
Since 1996 an armed struggle for liberation has been taking place in Nepal.
“The vast, mostly inaccessible mountainous regions of rural Nepal have served as the base far the armed struggle.. Here. the. majority of the populace is comprised of vety poor and landless peasants who have little property worth mentioning.
Yei even the bourgeois media have since, had to admit that more than one third of the country’s 75 districts are now under the armed control of the revolutionary forces. ” The wide participation of women iti the armed struggle as well as the linkage of a broad-based mass movement of the rural exploited with their counterparts in the cities are important features of this straggle.
The Nepalese stale has reacted to this armed struggle with the mosi brutal terror. German imperialists are cornplicifous in this terror as they aid the reactionary rulers of Nepal with shipments of arms and machinery for arms production.
“It is the duty of workers ondali progressive powers in Germany to expose and fight against these and all other machinations of German imperialism which serve as oppression of the revolutionary liberation struggle in Nepal. Whenever accepts or even supports such crimes are themselves guilty.
At the same time it is- the duty of all forces arrayed against imperialism to support the revolutionary libération struggle in Nepal as much as possible:
morally, politically and materially, ‘(his includes and demands the study of documents as well as engaging in debates led in an atmosphere of solidarity together with those forces oriented on the red banner of communism in Nepal. “(…)

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