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International Womens' Day, March 8:

Organ for the Building of the Marxist-Leninist Party of West Germany March 1992

International Womens' Day, March 8:

International Womens’ Day, March 8:
Organ for the Building of the Marxist-Leninist Party of West Germany March 1992
Clara Zetkin – for the rights of proletarian women in the fight for communism The livingand working conditions of the great majority of women – women of Uieproletariatand other working women – are worsening more and more. West/German fmpcrialits have almost completely rescinded the prohibition against night-work for women. Passibili tics for abortion have been massively restricted (the planned toughening of Paragraph 218). Ever more Kindergarden school places are being eliminated (especially in the ex-GDR). Working women are being dismissed by the hundreds of thousands and they find it increasingly difficult to find another job – except at home in front of the stove. And precisely those women already largely without rights, namely working women from other countries, are being increasingly exploited and oppressed.
On International Women’s Day on March 8th, the spotlight is taken by those professionals at shooting their mouths off, who speak up for the capitalistic system: male and female politicians of bourgoise political parties, specialists of the labor unions, representatives of various so-called ‘womens’ organizations’, etc Precisely all those directly or indirectly responsible for the worsening situation of women, now hypocritically raise a hue and cry that they arc for the equality of women and against their neglect It’s clearly no coincidence that one of the true pioneering fighters for the equality of women, the firmly dedicated communist Clara Zetkin isn’t mentioned with one word, is even ignored. For Clara Zetkin proved that the oppression of women is an inseparable pari of all exploitative systems, but in particular of the system of capitalism and imperialism.(…)

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