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In the long run the workers of the Soviet Union will bring to an end this anti-Communist and revisionist nightmare, with another proletarian revolution!

Neither Gorbachov, nor Yeltsin, nor the "Brezhnevists" will lead the Soviet Union out of decay and crisis!

In the long run the workers of the Soviet Union will bring to an end this anti-Communist and revisionist nightmare, with another proletarian revolution!

In the long run the workers of the Soviet Union will bring to an end this anti-Communist and revisionist nightmare, with another proletarian revolution!
Neither Gorbachov, nor Yeltsin, nor the “Brezhnevists” will lead the Soviet Union out of decay and crisis!
I There is no point in deceiving oneself: what is going on in the Soviet Union at the moment is alarming in every respect. The Yeïtsin bandits have succeeded in roping considerable parts of the working population as well as of the working class in their policy and in the Great Russian chauvinism. They are passively watching the obvious surrender of their country, or more precisely: the further surrender to Western imperialists. The gigantic exploitation of the “movement” which led to the failure of the “putsch” carried out by some Brezhncvist military apparatchiks gives rise to the assumption that this “putsch” was not really that much of a threat, but rathcraself-made provocation by Yeltsin, the West GcrmanFcderaİ Intelligence S er vice and the CIA in order to get rid of revisionist forms more quickly and to hand power over to openly reactionary forces.
For a long time the Soviet Union has not been a bulwark of the world revolution any more!
The present events in the Soviet Union, in August 1991, are merely another link in the long chain of the events thai have taken place in the last few years or decades.
Since the October Revolution of 1937 it has been the declared and prioritised aim of the international counterrevolution to destroy the Tnain bulwark of the revolutionary forces in the whole world, i.e. the socialist Soviet Union. But the forces of imperialism and other reactionary forces intended to go much further in their struggle of destruction against all the international forces orientated towards communism, the idea of communism and the proletarian revolution.
Modern revisionists, such as Khrushchev and Brezhnev, forced socialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, to its knees and destroyed it. This had been tried before by imperialists of all countries, by intervening in the young Soviet Union, then with sabotage and blockade as well as by the nazi-barbarians waging a warof extermination on the Soviet Union – but none of them was successful. After Stalin’s death in 1953 these “new tsars” usurped all the leading positions in the Party and the state and ruined ail the achievements of Lenin and Stalin’s socialist Soviel Union. They turned the Soviet Union backinto a state based on exploitation and oppression by the bourgeoisie, and into a prison of peoples.
In doing so, they continued using “socialist” phrases to deceive the masses and to conceal their real intentions. After Brezhnev’s death, Gorbachov followed after a short “interlude”. He advanced more and more openly the imperialist model of exploitation renouncing “socialist” phrases. The people around Yeltsin are now dragging through the mud even the last symbols and forms of socialism and communism, which had already been falsified and sullied by their predecessors.
The suppurating abscess of the revisionists has now also-burst in the Soviet Union. The bloodstained exploiters and oppressors, in whosehands the power İn the Soviet Union lies, no longer hide behind theirempty talk about so-called “socialism”, which they have used to sully the ideas of real socialism and communism for decades. Now the enemy shows its face more openly.
This, however, is not the result of a progressive revolutionary development in the Soviet Union, it İs the result of the advance of reaction within the Soviet Union, which can appear in public more and more openly. It is the result of the fact that the vast majority of the Soviet working population.
mainly also young people, show no resistance against the rulers who İ ncreasingly appear openly reactionary-tsarist and fascist.
It shows the immense advance of western imperialists, the further advance towards the even more comprehensive annexation of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
Without having any illusions about the past thirty-five years of anti-sociaiist policy of the Soviet Union, it is painful for every communist, throughout the world, to come to terms with the fact that real communist forces in the Soviet Union, who are following the way of Lenin and Stalin and fighting against Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachov, Yeltsin and Co., are a small unorganised minority, ai best without decisive social importance.
The Advance of the Western, Especially the West/German Imperialists The systematically organised breakdown of the Soviet Union, the fact that in the past few years and months all sectors ofits economy, its state and its policy have been ruined more and more openly by Western imperialists, is not a victory overa real socialist state, where the working class had state power in its hands.
It is, however, a victorious advance of one group of great imperialist powers against another great imperialist power, i.e. the Soviet Union of the Khrushchev and Brezhnev era. This social-imperialist Soviet Union – still “socialist” in words, but imperialist in its deeds, based on the exploitation of otherpeoples and of the peoples within the Soviet Union – had obviously taken on too much internationally. The enlargement of the military apparatus and the aggression against Afghanistan.
combined with the disastrous internal situation.
resulted in the era of Gorbachov, in the policy of the attempted “straightening of the front” in order to gain certain spheres of influence out of the rivalry between the imperialists and out of the struggle with the Western imperialist great powers.
But also İn this period of history things didn’t work out the way the Gorbachov revisionists hoped: not even the fact that the FRG had been kindly surrendered lo the West/German imperialists, and that the other countries of Eastern Europe had been handed overto Westernimperialist great powers, could avoid the breakdown of the Soviet Union. With their backs against the wall, the only thing their policy of making concessions and manoeuvring brought about was the further advance of the Western imperialists and, above all, the enormous increase in power of West/ German imperialism, revanchism and militarism.(…)

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