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Fight the lethal German master race ideology:


Fight the lethal German master race ideology:

Fight the lethal German master race ideology:
Against Nazi terror and discrimination against dark-skinned people in Germany “The German master race ideology has many guises. With a certain arbitrariness, specific groups of people living in Germany are being picked out, pilloried and set upon. Anti-Ziganism, hatred directed against the Sinti and Roma peoples (as in Rostock, 2002) is back in demand. Once again antiSemitic stereotypes, hatred against Jews, have come to the fore (such as the Martin Walser speech of 1998, the Jürgen Mollemann debate in 2002, anti-Semitic attacks in Lübeck in 1995 and Dusseldorf in 2000). Afterwards, the ‘Christian-Occidental ‘card, always at-hand, will be played against people of Arab countries (as in the current ‘headscarf debate ), but also the classic chauvinistic colonial racism directed against dark-skinnedpeople (as in Hoyerswerda in 199 or Lübeck in 1996), or the campaign of hatred against refugees (e.g.
Mannheim-Schönau in 1992) or foreigners in general’(inMölln in 1992).
While Stoiber (CSU) sent out the rallying cry a few years ago against this ‘slacking society ‘ (which obviously hasn ‘t done any harm to his career), the Nazis in Germany have long since considered darkskinned people as one oftheir favoured targets with their murderous street campaigns and arson attacks. ” In Germany there is a deep-rooted and primitive ‘day-to-day racism’, alongside state-sponsored discrimination and Nazi terror against dark-skinned people.
“Attempting to disprove racist arguments one by one is like nothing more than falling for the underlying assumption that logical arguments can have any kind of effect on the minds of the Ger man racist-nationalist ‘master race ‘.
To get straight to the point; We are not saying for one moment that logical and convincing argu ments should be abandoned in the fight against racism. Nevertheless, it is crucial to establish a willingness to take part in argumentative debate.
In this respect, the decisive starting point is to carry out a concerted campaign in places where a con certed campaign against racists and exploiters is possible. ” And it goes on to explain:
“During such a campaign, one must expose and overcome the divisive function of discriminating against people because of the colour of their skin at home and all over the world. One can still use such a campaign to gain people s trust and estab lish this willingness to take part in organised de bate. ” Away from such campaigns “… the ideology of racism, the German ‘master race ‘ideology, reveals a more far-reaching objec tive: To bind a large majority of the exploited and suppressed masses to their own exploiters and suppressors. ” ■ Elements of discrimination and Nazi terror against dark-skinned people in Germany This section examines how German-racist nationalism has developed over time, namely hand in hand with colonial-chauvinism.
“German imperialism …. practiced a brutal regime in ‘its ‘colonies, both exploitative andrepres-(…)

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