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The reason why campains like the one earned out by Antifas in Hannover are very important:

German imperialism in Greece

The reason why campains like the one earned out by Antifas in Hannover are very important:
Fight any habituation to German militarism!

„The German Army, like every imperialist army, requires a certain degree of acceptance and support on the part of its own domestic population. Through the employment of a vast apparatus of propaganda, supported by the bourgeois media, German imperialists and militarists have managed to prepare and carry out their gradual military expansion dynamically and effectively. They have managed to habituate the German population to increasingly open and large military interventions, under several different flags. They have done all this without encountering any significant resistance. At the same time, they have successfully managed to paint themselves as a fundamentally ‘dovish’ and ‘human’ force by pointing the finger at others – particularly at US imperialism – thus diverting attention from their own war campaigns and war crimes. (…)

German imperialism in Greece

„The impressive struggles of the militant youths and numerous workers in Greece, particularly in the wake of the 6th December 2008, when the 15-yearold Alexis Grigoropoulous was murdered by a police officer in Athens, have attracted great attention in revolutionary circles in many countries around the world, and particularly in Germany. …

Our solidarity with our campaigning comrade brothers and sisters in Greece should bring our attention to one particularly important issue: educating the public about our ‘own’ imperialism – that is,German imperialism – and its role in both the history of Germany and in its present-day circumstances.”


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