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Bulletin 4/13

The subject of the leaflet from September 2013 was:
The German Secret Services, the nazi murder network NSU and the NSA:
“HQs of German secret services stormed!
All data has been secured!”
“These should have been the headlines after tens of thousands of members of the IG Metall and other unions under the umbrella of  DGB trade union confederation together with activists of the young anti-fascists and ‘Pirates’ of all shades had had enough. Instead of the cover-ups and the appeasement of the bosses of the DGB and IG Metall and the leadership of the so-called ‘Die Linke’, they could have taken the answering of some central questions into their own hands.
‘Could have’ – because it’s still a dream that needs to become reality. … But even before the wished-for storming of the headquarters of the intelligence services, we can give some pretty clear answers to the main questions based on experience and plausible reflection: [...]

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