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Attacks, Cruelties, Assassinations, Murder: Nazi-Terror!


Attacks, Cruelties, Assassinations, Murder: Nazi-Terror!

Attacks, Cruelties, Assassinations, Murder: Nazi-Terror!
“İn recent months the situation for all people threatened by Nazi-terror has intensified. At least three murders and countless assaults perpetrated by Nazis have occurred. Simultaneously the danger that this Nazi-terror is being only “marginally” registered has heightened. This is due not only to the sucess of disinformation and manipulation of the bourgeois media that attempt to nip all resistance in the bud.
This is due not only to the repression of anti-nazi activists by German imperialism and the protection of these Nazis by its police. We ourselves are partly to blame, too: it is also due to the creeping poison of “growing accustomed” to the daily Nazi-terror and propaganda, to insufficient networking of anti-Nazi struggles and insufficient readiness to struggle. ” Nazi Murder of Marinus Schoberl In the Bulletin the events surrounding the murder of Marinus Schoberl at the hands of three Nazis (who The December/January 2002-03 leaflet:
were known to the neighbourhood and indeed had been recently charged with Nazi crimes) in Potzlow (Brandenburg) are described. The cover-up tactics of the politicians and media are also denounced here, when they claim that no “marked rightist scene” is to be found in Potzlow – this despite the fact that since July 144 Nazi crimes are known to have been committed in this region. The Bulletin concludes with the charge:
“It is clear that against the increasing Nazi-terror we must do a more and better job of both enlightening and fighting. Only militant resistance and an offensive struggle against the Nazis and their ideology can yield success in a democratic struggle against Nazism and Nazis. ” The Bulletin also contains a box entitled “Highlights from recent weeks of Nazi-terror” and a poster “Murdered by Nazis”.
Study the Writings of Scientific Communism:
Convincing Arguments for Communism “For more than 150 years communists have been slandered. Additionally it has been discredited by the police state caricatures of the communist ideas of Karl Marx: of the pseudo-communists in the Soviet Union, East Germany and other revisionist states that at the latest left the road to communism in the mid 1950′s and established a bad copy of Western capitalist states under the mask of ‘socialism ‘, before the restoration of capitalism was fully and openly accomplished.
What then is actually the goal of communism? A simple utopia that will never be attained because humans ‘are evil by Nature ‘? A beautiful but completely unrealistic ideal? Or is it, as the Nazi fascists propagandize, that fiendish building of lies wherein Jewish Bolshevist conspirators seek only their own advantage’? The slander and falsifications of communism continue to increase. Is it any wonder given the murderous reality of today’s capitalism in its imperialist character that it cries out for the abolition of imperialism and the profit system, for the socialization of the means of production and so forth, that is, for communism?
An endless series of wars of plunder, the intensification of exploitation and suffering and the annual starvation of more than 30 million people who could be well-nourished long since, if things would be reasonable in view of the ‘wretched of the earth ‘ – all(…)

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