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10 years of "German The Nazi Terror from Hoyerswerda to Düsseldorf "Under the slogan of the 'reunification of the German nation


10 years of "German The Nazi Terror from Hoyerswerda to Düsseldorf "Under the slogan of the 'reunification of the German nation

The German imperialists have fanned the flames of a nationalistic-chauvinistic pogrom atmosphere unheard of during the last decades, culminating in the terror in Hoyerswerda and Rostock, Mölln and Solingen, Magdeburg, Lübeck and Düsseldorf. The chauvinist and racist hate campaign, the assaults against and murders of people the Nazis call ‘un-German’ have accelerated massively since that time and have become daily routine. It is of decisive importance to evaluate the advance of the Nazi movement in close connection with the politics and propaganda of the state and of the politicians of German imperialism as a whole. The latter has, after 10 years of German unity, once again manifested its role as an imperialist big power, not only in civil, but also in military terms, especially by its participation in the imperialist aggression against Yugoslavia. Also by the methods the German imperialists used to carry through the annexation of the GDR, they demonstrated the enormous potential of German nationalism and chauvinism they are able to mobilise in a relatively short period of time, even right inside supposedly ‘left-progressive’ circles. The unmasking of the connection between the deportation terror of the state, the Nazi terror, the protection of the Nazis by the police and the courts, hate campaigns by the politicians and the media against refugees, Roma etc. is important to develop, against the habituation to these damned German conditions and in unswerving solidarity with all victims of the Nazi terror and the repression by the state – given the background of the mounting aggressiveness of German imperialism – a long-term struggle, not only against the effects of these German conditions, but also for the violent destruction of German imperialism, mili tarism and revanchism in the proletarian revolu tion. ” The rise of the Nazi terror since 1990 is described in detail in the leaflet’s section “Seven stages of the Nazi terror from Hoyerswerda to Düsseldorf” 1. Pogrom in Hoyerswerda: Against Vietnamese and Mozambique workers (September 1991) 2. Pogrom in Mannheim-Schönau: Against refugees (May/June 1992) 3. Pogrom in Rostock: Against Roma and Vietnamese (August 1992

4. Arson attacks in Mölln and Solingen:

Against Turkish migrants (November 1992, May 1993) 5. Man-hunt in Magdeburg: Against refugees from Africa (May 1994) 6. Racist arson attack in Lübeck: Against refugees from Africa (January 1996) 7. Arson and bomb attacks in Lübeck and Düsseldorf: Against the Jewish population (March 1994, May 1995f July 2000) Later on, in the section “The result of Nazi terror from 1990 to 2000″, the leaflet says:
“Since the beginning of the 1990s – not by accident at the same time when the ‘German uni ty’ was made – a general climate had come into existence in this country that allowed for the  -(…)

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